Lights design trends

Lights design trends

Lighting design is becoming an important issue of how people choose the lights for their home or offices. Knowing that light has a lot of impact in their life, they have more awareness selecting proper lighting from a wide range of solutions that is in the market.

Wondering what's trending in lighting right now? As soon as the days get shorter again, lighting quickly becomes the most important topic when it comes to home decor. It provides atmospheric light throughout the day and more importantly in the evenings.
To keep it short: it is an indispensable item of our homes. We have looked at the latest trends for you and will show you all the latest trends for lighting in 2018/2019. Whether it's sculptural and opulent or simply natural - these lights will attract attention and make us look forward to Fall and Winter.
Innovative technology meets moderate design: Many new lighting trends are characterized by a simple, straightforward design that radiates soft harmony and puts the clever functionality in the foreground.

Missing Edison – Style bulb? They are coming back in the market but in a more modern shape and with LED lighting technology. Now you can choose between different shapes and powers, and you also have the possibility to dim the light.
Vintage lighting, the past becomes the present with new scrollwork. Industrial pendants are perfect for vintage home styled. They can help add some warmth and soft beauty to industrial elements.
Warm metals like bronze, gold, brass, rose gold & copper finishes are very popular in the interior design industry right now, especially in the home. High in quality and very stylish, think brushed satin gold adding a warm feel to your lounge.
The bigger the better. And we're not talking just slightly overscale here, though that's an option too. Lighting is going bonkers and insanely big to match other emphasized home features. 

Simple and a little retro, globe pendants are a subtle accent with a big impact. Looking for an especially easy upgrade? Instant pendant lights come ready to hang – no wiring necessary. Just screw into a regular light socket and enjoy.
Need more space on your bedside table? Wall lamps are a chic alternative that provide the light without the clutter. We particularly loved mixed metal pieces that serve equal parts style and function.
What we love the most about all of these lighting design trends is they can fit into just about any home. With the help of a trained lighting professional at our Show Room you can find a way to flawlessly work any of these beautiful trends into your existing space. The change may be small, but it can have a big impact.