Lighting Projects

Our Lighting Projects
Give Life to Light!

Our Lighting Projects

BROTECH Brands company, with several years of experience in the market and with an organized staff, takes care to provide customers with a quality service. Lighting Project Department is designed to meet customer’s need, enabling professional lighting for any space. Through technical knowledge and mastering some of the softwares such as Dialux, Autocad, Relux etc., our team can provide you with a preview of the illuminated space, very close to the real one. Also, you will be informed not only about the technical specifications of the products, but also for the novelties of the designs that go in line with the furnishing of your habitation.

So, it's very simple. You find the space, we illuminate it.​

Do you have difficulties in selecting the right lighting?​

Our professional staff takes care of making the best recommendations by selecting the right lighting products for you from the variety of our suppliers. By choosing the appropriate luminaries, it is possible to implement the deserved lighting to the space.

Our Services

  • Consultation on the object

  • Project Lighting

  • Variety of Luminaries

  • Installation of lighting products

Spar Supermarket
Playground Gramsh
Olympic Park Stadium
Kastrati Tower
Ixhem Shpk