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“We are a customer centric company, and that is why we focus on our people. Without a motivated, involved and loyal team, we can not have satisfied and returning customers. It is not easy to meet customers' needs with innovative solutions, but we will do it!”

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About Us

BROTECH Brands has its beginnings back in 2012 as a small lighting store named LED Shop. After fast growth and increase of products range it became a company with its respective departments, where LED Shop is the retail and we have also developed wholesales, lighting projects and instalations.Our vision it is not to be limited only on LED lighting, but also on other innovative products and services that approach customer needs. We see as potential all products that offer efficient solutions such as Smart Control Systems, Solar Panels, Electric Chargers and so on.


To meet customer needs with innovative products and solutions.


To provide real benefits to society through innovation and development


Respect, Integrity, Difference, Qualitative Service, Passion to Achieve the Impossible!

BROTECH Brands main departments:


Retail, represented by our showroom LED Shop, is the place where you can find professional sale specialists to consult about what fits better to your needs. Also we have sale specialists and account managers who are coming directly to follow your lighting projects. We are working on improving continually our online e-commerce platform for B2C where you can buy lighting products. 


Lighting Projects Department, where we give solutions to different lighting and electrical projects as well as tracking and implementing them. We use DiaLux program to visualize the effects of illumination in the required spaces. We are working on finding the best solutions to offer you smart control systems for your lights. 


Distribution Channel, is working daily to send our best brands in other lighting or electrical stores all over Albania to make it easier for our customers to reach them. We are working now with around 350 partners, sending them our shelves and products. Soon our online platform B2B will help our partners to easily order our products.

Instalation Service

The fourth department developing now is the instalation service, where we have build an online platform for all the electricians or companies which offers installation services. So the customers will easily find solution for their lighting or electrical projects depending on their size and location..

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